Acupuncture for Hair Loss

Compared to drug therapies, acupuncture for hair loss results from greater positive outcomes for patients with alopecia areata. With standard acupuncture and herbal ingredients, specialized acupuncture needle protocols provide superior patients outcomes. The acupuncture significantly improves hair regrowth. The acupuncture, for patients with alopecia or baldness, promotes hair regrowth and reduces hair loss. The acupuncture for hair growth with Qi Xing (seven stars) needles increases the patient’s positive outcome rates, according to Lin et al. at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

acupuncture for hair growth

I. What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese practice. The practice has been used to treat various diseases for centuries. The diseases that can be overcome are from lower back pain, nausea, to insomnia. Alongside other natural remedies, including herbs and massages, the acupuncture has been used in China as a highly respected treatment, historically. Recently, the acupuncture becomes an independent treatment option for individuals who suffer from a number of illnesses.

II. Can Acupuncture Help Hair Loss?

Hair is associated with other vital body parts such as internal organs and blood. That is believed in traditional Chinese healing. For the distribution of energy flow and improve blood circulation or circulatory system, needles are inserted at puncture points in your head.

They stimulate certain blood vessels, certain nerves, and your hair follicles. However, this treatment requires a lot of patience and dedication. Treating hair loss with an acupuncture technique is a long-term process. Miracles that are expected overnight is impossible. This acupuncture treatment is often accompanied by topical ointment for the scalp or intake of herbal ingredients.

In addition, another method that is used to stimulate blood flow throughout the body is the hot towel massages. The acupuncture treatment can also treat traction alopecia because it eases the pain of skin that is damaged by the condition of hair loss. The acupuncture can significantly reduce itching, inflammation, or swelling that is caused by painful alopecia traction.

III. Technique

In various acupuncture points in the body, a number of very fine acupuncture needles are inserted by your acupuncturists. Acupuncture will strengthen the kidneys and stimulate blood flow. This acupuncture treatment for hair loss can also use plum blossom needle or seven-star hammer. A seven-star hammer is a small tool that is similar to a hammer with some small needles on its face that stimulates the surface of the skin. Your acupuncturists gently knock the hammer on the surface of the scalp in order to increase the growth of new hair and follicles by stimulating blood flow.

IV. Acupuncture Program for Hair Loss

Depending on severe and levels of hair loss, the acupuncture for hair loss program lasts from 3 to 12 months. That includes:
• At least 4 acupuncture sessions
• Monthly check-ins
• Scalp massages at home
• Topical and internal herbal treatments at home

V. Acupuncture Result for Hair Loss

Acupuncture for female hair loss

Acupuncture for female hair loss has a high success rate within 4 months. More than 80% of patients see hair regrowth and more than 85% of patients see hair loss decrease. There is an example of the patient with hair loss due to follicular swelling and stress. In addition, due to stress and diet, the patients experienced thinning hair.

She experienced extreme shedding, but this can be solved during acupuncture treatment. The hair loss had been like that for several months before treatment and hair loss appeared almost overnight. To lower stress levels, stimulate hair growth, and soothe follicular irritation, acupuncturists focus on performing acupuncture, topical treatments, and herbal ingredients.

VI. Acupuncture Treats Alopecia

The exact cause of alopecia or pattern baldness is unknown. Gene that causes hair loss may have been discovered by Japanese researchers. However, it has never been translated into healing. According to the Washington Post, Americans spend $3.5 billion to combat hair loss each year and the most products fail to work.

Acupuncture for hair thinning and Chinese herbal medicine can overcome that. For thousands of years, this combination has been treating hair loss or alopecia with great results. After you see changes in your hair that is pattern baldness, a receding hairline, and thinning hair, you have to start the treatment immediately.

The acupuncture treatment is used to encourage hair growth by improving blood circulation or circulatory system. Then, topical herbal treatments are applied to the scalp to promote hair growth too. In addition, scalp stimulation is included in acupuncture treatment, in the most cases.

VII. Side Effects Associated with Acupuncture

This treatment can be a safe and effective alternative to modern medical treatment when it is practiced by experienced and trained professional acupuncturists. You may experience some side effects after your session, including muscle twitching, pain, bruising, and fatigue.

However, everyone responds differently to acupuncture hair loss. You have to talk to your doctor even if such side effects are mild and temporary. Especially if the symptoms continue or appear to worsen with each session, you need to tell your doctor. It is important to work with professionals who specialize in maternal acupuncture, for women who are pregnant. That is because some acupressure points are known to cause premature birth and trigger labor.

VIII. Cost and Safety

Acupuncture can be more tolerable than surgical methods and treatments, like drug injections. A set of sessions will not be as costly as the dermatologist’s professionals and their recipe. However, the costs for a session vary for each practitioner. The ancient medical practice has been used by people for hundreds of years although this is a non-conventional healing.

As long as the practitioners are experienced, licensed, and professionals, don’t need to worry about the safety of your health with acupuncture. The only precaution you should remember is allergic reactions so that anyone can try acupuncture.

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Before or after inserting the needles, the body is massaged with herbal oil. This hair loss treatment involves several sessions. If you have certain allergies, it is the best to ask what the ingredients of the herbal blend. What should be used as an alternative will be considered by practitioners, if you have allergies. Therefore, you can also mention to the practitioners what you are allergic to before acupuncture treatment.

Trained practitioners are the ones you should be looking for. Licensed acupuncturists to practice are required by the most states. By the states, training for licensing and education requirements will vary. To find out your state’s licensing requirements, check with your local health department. The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) can provide guidance for trained acupuncturists to do acupuncture for hair loss in your area.

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