How to Use Dermaroller For Hair Loss Correctly?

What is a dermaroller? Dermaroller for hair loss is a handheld device with many microscopic surgical needles. Its wheel is attached microscopic needles that cause wound when being rolled over the skin. Then, a body response that is called hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation-remodeling tissue will be activated by the small wounds. A derma-roller contains hundreds of tiny needles.

The dermaroller for hair loss can

The idea is that recently healed skin has better growth factors than before. Practitioners utilize this wound healing response with using dermaroller to treat scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and other such conditions. Dermaroller comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Needles with different sizes are for different skin conditions. Needles range from 0.25mm to 3mm.

The more damage you do, the result you will get until a certain limit. However, the use of an improper needle syringe that is longer than 1.5mm can cause collagen damage. A recent research shows that dermaroller can treat skin conditions and reduce hair loss as well.

How to Use a Dermaroller to Stimulate New Hair Growth

Step 1: Clean Scalp

Cleaning your scalp thoroughly is the first thing you should do when using a dermaroller for hair loss and stimulating hair growth. It is recommended you use homemade shampoos when you do it. In addition, it does not just mean washing your hair. The scalp should be also exfoliated where you want to use a dermaroller. Usually, this will apply along with a thinning hairline.

Before using dermaroller, salicylic acid can be used to clean and flake off the scalp gently. However, you are recommended to make homemade exfoliants for the scalp because the most salicylic acid products contain alcohol as a solvent, like the most minoxidil products that contain alcohol.

That achieves several things as follows:
– Cleaning the scalp allows going deeper into the scalp so that it is more effective.
– It unblocks and unclogs thinning hair follicles that allow more hair growth.
– It improves blood circulation.
– It removes layers of dead cells, oils, and dermal plaques that contain DHT which reduce hair health generally.
– It can reduce the chance of infection while using dermaroller because the scalp has been cleaned.

Step 2: Use The Dermaroller for Hair Loss

It is time to start micro needling therapy using the dermaroller after the scalp is cleaned properly. Always clean the dermaroller before use is the next step. Failure to do that may lead to infections and other problems. Its result will be not worth more than its risk. You should focus on the direction and the pressure of application to use the dermaroller effectively.

The dermatoller should never draw blood and should not cause pain even though you may feel tingling or stinging in sensitive areas. That means the needles can penetrate the scalp to the depth of pin so that you just have to apply enough pressure. Keep a consistent pattern, up and down, from side to side, and even diagonal for direction. That will ensure the distribution of hair growth.

Step 3: Apply Hair Growth Elixir

Then, there is no wrong to give the follicles and hair on your scalp with a little boost. It is recommended to use hair growth elixir application after treatment with dermaroller. You will need:
– Polyphenolic apples
– Hyaluronic acid
– Saw palmetto
– Emu Oil
– It is also recommended to add magnesium oil to the mixture to increase the extra result.

– Combine the above ingredients into a container of your choice.
– Mix hyaluronic acid and emu oil first, and then add palmetto to a 6: 1 ratio (hyaluronic acid and emu oil: saw palmetto).
– With the comparison of 1 apple polyphenol: 6 mixture, add apple polyphenol for the last.

How to apply:
– Use your fingertips to apply above areas that are treated in your scalp after using the dermaroller.
– Make sure you have covered that all areas.
– Leave the mixture on the scalp to dry overnight.
– Rinse the scalp with the mixture with lukewarm (or even cold) water in the morning.

The Best Size of Dermaroller

The best size of dermaroller

The dermaroller with short needles and width-gauge that are 0.25mm in length is the best skin needling device for the scalp. This needle size does not cause trauma to the scalp and is considered non-invasive. Instead, a light needling effect will provide gentle stimulation for better nutrient delivery and the scalp will have a blood circulation due to a healing process.

The dermaroller for hair loss can work to promote hair regrowth in the areas where hair loss occurs because it stimulates regeneration in the applied area that is how does the dermaroller help with hair loss. Stimulating blood circulation is a way to encourage hair growth and stop hair loss because it increases to supply raw materials to the thinning hair to promote hair growth. In addition, increased blood circulation in the scalp can also help to reduce DHT levels. The increased blood circulation can help to remove more DHT from the hair papilla.

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