Emu Oil for Hair Loss after 3 Months

Many websites claim emu oil for hair loss that is really a miraculous treatment. There are several medical studies and facts about emu oil that cause it to be hailed as an effective hair loss remedy. However, this information should not be considered as medical advice and this is only for your guidance. Before using any treatments or if you are worried about excess hair loss, please consult medical professional providers.

emu oil for hair loss

I. What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil really comes from emu which is a bird that is associated with ostrich or a flightless bird coming from Australia. When the birds are butchered, the oil is taken from a fat pad of the back of the birds. The birds are farmed in Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States for their red meat.

This means the emus are not butchered solely for their oil. About 70% fatty acids in emu fat are unsaturated varieties of heart protection. The oil is the mixture of polyunsaturated, saturated, and monounsaturated fatty acids.

II. Does Emu Oil Work for Hair Loss?

Emu Oil Application for Hair Loss

Emu oil is a natural substance. You do not have to worry about using it on your scalp because it has no adverse side effects. You will reduce the inflammation in your scalp when you use emu oil for hair growth. This oil is healthy for your scalp.

If one of the causes of hair loss is an inflamed scalp, this oil can be used. Its non-comedogenic properties are other benefits of emu oil hair loss. It means that the oil does not clog your pores. The oil reduces components that may harm hair growth and promote growth.

When you apply it to your mane or scalp, it will not make you feel greasy. That is because the oil is a good emulsifier and it will absorb into your scalp. Emu oil is great for your hair. You have to pair it with products that actually grow hair if you will use emu oil for hair loss. If you follow this recommendation, you will see the benefits in no time.

III. Emu Oil Properties For Hair Growth

1. Emu oil is completely neutral lipid because it is a triglyceride in nature. It penetrates into the skin because it has no phosphorus. Therefore, it promotes hair growth.
2. 80% of hair follicles can be awakened up by emu oil for hair loss results. It causes your hair to start growing back, making your roots stronger, and tending to increase scalp thickness.
3. It is also anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it helps to reduce stiffness and swelling of the scalp that often inhibits hair growth.
4. It provides an alpha-reductase 5 inhibitor in target tissues that greatly contributes to the hair growth.
5. The oil is a good emulsifier. Therefore, it is not greasy on your scalp and penetrates the skin barrier without leaving any oily residue behind it.
6. It does not encourage the growth of bacterial organisms. It works to prevent fungus and other infections on the scalp.

IV. Emu Oil for Hair Loss Side Effects Not Found for Topical Use

When topically applied, emu oil for hair loss does not appear to have the potential to cause side effects. Emu oil is as gentle as water. Emu oil is found to have no irritating potential on the skin or scalp. Concentrated emu oil also does not clog pores like many topical products because the oil is proven to be non-comedogenic.

Emu oil is odorless and will not stain bed or clothes in pure form. However, its disadvantage is limiting benefits as a topical skin ointment with the potential to promote healthy hair growth.

V. Emu Oil Application for Hair Loss

You do not need use too much because pure emu oil is odorless and spreads well. If you have longer hair, you may need a little more.

Here is how to use emu oil:
– Rub 1-2 drops on the palm of your hand.
– Apply oil on the scalp and hair.
– Move it from root to tip.
– Apply a few drops again.
– Leave overnight and clean next morning to moisturize the hair.

You may already be using more than needed if you feel oily after the application of emu oil for hair loss. Use less next time. On slightly damaged skin, hair growth can be increased with emu oil and can be proven with emu oil for hair loss before and after.

It works to heal inflamed skin and scratches on your scalp that are caused by alopecia. You can massage some oil into your scalp to let your skin absorb it quickly and soothe any pain. This is one of the best hair loss prevention with home remedies. If your scalp halts producing hair and you suffer from severe hair loss, it is the best to seek the help of a dermatologist. Massaging emu oil and appropriate treatment will help to combat the complete hair loss.

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