How To Use Fish Oil For Hair Loss?

One of the most affected areas is your hair when you face a problem these days due to increased levels of an unhealthy lifestyle, excess UV exposure, and pollution. This is a challenge to increase hair growth for you who are very worried about thinning hair and hair loss.

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To trigger your hair growth, there are various natural products that can help you. One of the best products is fish oil for hair loss. The countless fish oil benefits hair loss is for your hair.

I. How Does Fish Oil Work?

Does fish oil help hair? Nutrients and proteins are contained with Omega3 fatty acids in fish oil for hair growth. That helps to keep hair healthy. Nutrients encourage hair growth because they help to nourish the hair follicles. They also ensure there is no hair loss and strengthen the hair roots. Omega3 fatty acids are essential for ideal hair growth and lead to overall health benefits.

II. Omega 3 Effects

Fish oil pills for hair loss contains important omega-3 fatty acids that stimulate skin, hair, and follicles growth and contribute to cellular maintenance and repair, growth, development, and brain function. Omega-3 fatty acids allow important compounds to go in cells and contribute directly to maintain the integrity and absorptivity of cell membranes.

Omega-3 fatty acids also work as powerful antioxidants that remove free radicals that cause a damage of follicles, mitochondria, and cell membranes. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids in fish reduce inflammation that can cause hair loss because they have anti-inflammatory property and boost an immune system.

They also promote healthy skin and scalp and reduce dryness. You need to use omega-3 supplements like fish oil for hair to help reduce symptoms of hair disorders and access antioxidants into your diet, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center recommendation.

III. B-Complex Vitamins (Biotin & B5)

For alternative treatments for hair loss, biotin and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) that are the best vitamins for hair growth have been widely used. Biotin is beneficial to your hair by rebuilding each strand of hair that has been damaged by ironing, drying, exposing to the sun, and shampooing. Vitamin B5 helps to stimulate hair growth because it supports the adrenal glands.

Hair loss is a major sign of biotin deficiency. The deficiency can be caused by pregnancy, impaired liver function, and smoking. A fetus that develops rapidly divides biotin for the synthesis of important carboxylases and histone biotinylation. That is what causes a large number of women have to develop biotin deficiency during a normal pregnancy.

fish oil for hair loss

Biotin intake should exceed current recommendation to meet the demand of reproductive states due to significant changes in biotin metabolism during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Take one of the vitamins for hair growth B complex tablet daily or take biotin and vitamin B5 separately to reduce hair loss and increase hair strength.

In addition, you can avoid the deficiency and help hair growth by consuming biotin and vitamin B5 food, such as peas, beans, potatoes, chicken, avocados, eggs, and beef.

IV. Supplementation and Recommended Dosage

Omega 3 supplements are recommended because the most people never meet their daily needs of Omega 3 from dietary sources. The dietary sources provide higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in the blood than the supplements. Fish oil for hair loss dosage in liquid and capsules form is the most common omega 3 supplements.

To prevent hair loss and increase hair growth, experts recommend a tablespoon of fish oil or 1 – 2 of fish oil pills every day. Omega 3 reduces hair loss during an exogenous phase and promotes the hair follicles at anagen growth phase. It also reduces dryness on the scalp and skin inflammation. To help to protect Omega 3 fatty acids from degradation through oxidation, consider adding Vitamin E which is a fat-soluble antioxidant to your daily vitamin for hair growth supplement.

However, a risk of bleeding is a side effect of Omega 3 doses that exceed 4000mg. Therefore, before starting to take Omega 3 supplements, you who use drugs such as blood thinners and aspirin and you with a history of ulcers or other bleeding disorders should consult your doctors.

You can take some steps to help the natural hair growth by deciding to add fish oil for hair loss or other sources of omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. Besides, keeping health with taking a balanced diet, massage your scalp irregularly (while shampooing, for example), be diligent with your hair care routine, enough rest, and exercise regularly to help stimulate the follicles and improve blood flows.

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