Is Wen Shampoo Really Causing Hair Loss?

Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care is a popular sulfate-free cleanser conditioner that causes hair loss and severe scalp irritation, according to some women complaints in Chaz dean lawsuit. Damage occurred in some women’s hair due to the celebrity-backed Wen shampoo hair loss products. That was claimed by hundreds of people who joined a class action suit when complaining marketer Guthy-Renker and Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care in December 2015.

Wen hair care ingredients

More than 200 customers in 40 countries had so far alleged that the company’s cleansing conditioner causes balding, scalp irritation, and hair loss. They had joined the class action hair loss law suit against Wen Hair-Care products. Many pictures show bald patches on women’s head that were submitted in the hair loss law suit against this company.

According to the Plaintiff’s Wen hair care complaints that were the most women say it is WEN cleansing conditioner and shampoo that cause side effects, damages, other injuries, hair loss, and dryness. The complaints and Wen lawsuit alleged that the product contains one or more active ingredients acting as a painkiller or caustic agent. The ingredients cause chemical reactions that damage hair and follicles. However, the brand released a statement to deny the allegations that stated the product caused these injuries.

In November 2016, $26.25 million of preliminary settlement between parties was approved by a preliminary ruling of a Southern California federal judge. The case would be reviewed by the U.S. District Court Judge. Then, the LA-based beauty company agreed to pay $20,000 per user in the preliminary settlement.

Millions of people who suffer from hair loss after using the Wen shampoo hair loss can receive payment. However, that was before a final ruling. That was a positive step forward for those who affected even though this was not good news for hair care brands.

The product was developed by a hairstylist, Chaz Dean, and had appeared on reality TV shows such as Celebrity Apprentice and Flipping Out. In addition, it had stylish celebrities including Alanis Morissette and Charlize Theron. As well, Wen featured Brooke Shields and Alyssa Milano in its infomercials.

Wen which served as a leave-in conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, shampoo for hair loss, and conditioner described that its product as a sulfide-free alternative. However, it caused irreparable hair damage according to the women who had used the product. An attorney, Amy Davis, explained the plaintiff’s complaints and Wen lawsuit in a statement to CBS Los Angeles that the product contained almost no cleaners.

It was like using a lotion to wash hair. It would only affect the hair follicles instead of removing the product when rinsing it. However, there was another allegation that it could potentially be a corrupt product or a product that was not stored properly. Besides, checking the list of Wen hair care ingredients is not enough.


A test had to be conducted toward the products that were actually used by the people who claimed to have lost their hair. Also, some reports had appeared concerns about hydroxy citronellal, a known allergen, but are widely used in cosmetics. A further test was needed to know exactly does Wen make your hair fall out, if any, that caused the problem. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was also conducting its own investigation of the company and its products.

However, Wen continued to sell the conditioner. The company had confirmed its products were safe, and the cleansing conditioner was still sold although they agreed to pay millions. They claimed that they continued to provide hundreds of thousands of Wen products by Chaz Dean customers whom they know and love. That was because Wen by Chaz Dean is safe.

They made a business decision to pursue the settlement so that they can focus on delivering quality products. They knew that the litigation processes were time-consuming and costly. Wen shampoo and conditioner by Chaz Dean was safe and likes brands and customers. Wen had consistently worked with the FDA and would continue to do so.

In addition, millions of bottles had been sold in the last years. They knew that there was an urgent need to get more education about hair health and common hair problems in the industry, through this experience. The ingredients and formulations meet or exceed the safety and quality standards that were ruled by the cosmetic industry and there was no evidence that Wen shampoo hair loss product caused hair loss. There was no scientific evidence that anything in the conditioner was to blame for the hair loss in women. How small a number of plaintiffs if they were compared to a number of products the brand had shipped.

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