What Causes Hair Loss In Men?

Hair loss in men can occur at an early age or later stages. Markets offer some great products and natural remedies for hair loss appear because knowing appearance is everything for men and women. However, what do you think about what is really happened to your hair? Here are what causes hair loss in men of hair loss in men.

What causes hair loss in men

1. Genetic Causes Factors

One of the causes of why men lose their hair is having a family history of hair loss (genetic). A male sex hormone that is called androgen is related to hair loss in men. That has been proven through several studies. Androgen has many functions including to regulate hair growth. The growth cycle is owned by each hair in your head.

The growth cycle begins to weaken and hair follicles become to shrink so that they result in shorter and finer strands of hair. Finally, no new hair grows in the place and the growth cycle for each hair stops. Medical ill effects are usually unrelated to hair loss in men.

However, sometimes more serious causes, such as thyroid conditions, certain cancers, medications, and anabolic steroids cause hair loss in men. If hair loss in men occurs with other health complaints after taking a new medication, see your doctor.

2. Hormones Factors

Hormones that are associated with testosterone that is responsible for triggering hair loss in men are Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone is created when testosterone reacts with an enzyme that is called 5 alpha-reductase. When hair follicles are exposed to DHT they begin to shrink.

What causes hair loss in men trigger the hair from these follicles to become shorter and finer. The hair of these follicles stops growing altogether over times. When more than a half of the follicles in a particular head are exposed to DHT, men usually begin to notice hair loss.

3. Medical Conditions


To diagnose hair loss in men, doctors use hair loss patterns. They may take an examination to remove certain health conditions as the causes, such as the conditions of the fungus causing skin conditions and nutritional disorders. They also review your medical history.

Health conditions may be the causes of hair loss in men when hair damage, irregular hair loss, pain, scalp peeling, rash, redness, or unusual hair loss patterns that are accompanied hair loss. To diagnose the medical conditions that are responsible for hair loss, skin biopsy and blood tests may also be needed.

Hair loss can be caused by iron deficiency, eating disorders, lupus, diabetes, thyroid disease, and anemia. The hair will regrowth when the underlying conditions are treated unless there are scars like in some forms of follicles disorders, lichen planus, and lupus.

4. Emotional Stress

Emotional stress tends to cause hair loss less than physical stress, for the example, in the case of divorce, while caring for an aging parent, or after a death of a loved one. However, emotional stress will not really cause hair loss. However, according to Dr. Glashofer, it will worsen the problems already there.

This shedding will eventually become less like hair loss due to a physical stress. It is not known whether reducing stress can help your hair. However, there is nothing wrong with taking steps to deal with stress and anxiety, such as getting more support, trying talking therapy, or exercising more if you need them.

5. Smoking as One of Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle is also related to hair loss in men. Hair loss in men will make you consider quitting to smoke. Smoking provides poison to your hair. Damaged follicles are basically led by smoking. That is stated in one website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Smoking is more closely related to hair loss than the association between smoking and facial wrinkles or gray hair. The post that is over 10 years about smoking and hair loss in men and women encourage more public awareness.

6. Cosmetic procedure

Cosmetic procedure

Hair becomes weak, brittle, and overall thinning because cosmetic procedures, such as hair coloring, bleaching, perms, and shampooing too often. Hair removal through tight curls, a roller or a hot curler use, and tight braid can also damage and destroy hair. However, this procedure does not cause baldness.

Hair grows back to normal if the sources of the problems are removed in the most cases. However, permanent baldness is caused by severe damage to the hair or scalp.

Prevention of what causes hair loss in men depends on the causes. A basic step but give a little benefit is good hair hygiene with regular shampoo. Good nutrition is also very helpful, especially adequate levels of iron and vitamin B. Treatment of underlying medical conditions such as hormone imbalance, anemia, and thyroid disease may be useful in the prevention.

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